Liu Xuan new album Beautiful Faces

Liu Xuan Beautiful Faces

Liu Xuan is a Chinese gymnast turned into an actress and singer. She also take part for Olympic 2000 and won the gold medalist for China team. Liu Xuan recently become more popular after she starred Hong Kong drama Grace Under Fire. Liu Xuan plays the legendary Wong Fei Hung’s (黃飛鴻) last wife, Mok Kwai-lan (莫桂蘭).

Had been a gymnast princess, she retired from gymnast in 2008. Later Liu Xuan pursue her singing career, and finally released her debut mandarin album "Beautiful Faces". Although her voice in this album can't be considered as good, the 10 songs are nice to here. The main tracks including "Luo Ma Yang Guang" and "Ai Shang Ni Jiu Shi Wei Yi" duet with top singer Michael Guang Liang.

Singer : Liu Xuan (劉璇)
Album : Beautiful Faces (美麗的樣子 - Mei Li De Yang Zi)
Release Date: 18 February 2011
Language: Mandarin
Label : Star Entertainment (Universe) Limited

01.羅馬陽光 (Luo Ma Yang Guang)
02.愛上你就是唯一 (劉璇 / 光良) - Ai Shang Ni Jiu Shi Wei Yi (Ft Guang Liang)
03.往事剪接手 - Wang Shi Jian Jie Shou
04.Cry For You
05.心浪 - Xin Lang
06.麻 - Ma
07.美麗的樣子 - Mei Li De Yang Zi
08.證明 - Zhang Ming
09.抓不住的愛情 - Zhua Bu Zhu De Ai Qing
10.Happy Day

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Watch Liu Xuan ft Guang Liang in single Ai Shang Ni Jiu Shi Wei Yi (愛上你就是唯一) Video here